Project Description

1. Description of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine can cut different metals, such as carbon steel/mild steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum, titanium alloy, etc. It boasts fast cutting speed and high cutting precision. Work table size 2513, 3015, 4015, 4020, 6015, 6020 can be customized.
2. Key Information of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Product Type Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Cutting Material carbon steel/mild steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum, titanium alloy
Applied Industries shipbuilding, railway locomotives, automobile, high pressure vessels, electric cabinets, household appliances, textile machinery, engineering machinery, High precision parts, elevators, sheet metal processing, etc.
Graphic Format Supported AI, DXF, PLT, GBX  
Control System Functions Supported bridge connection, leapfrog, slotting compensation, etc.
Main Parts
Machine Tools, Fiber Laser Source, Cutting Head, Control System, Driving System, Water Cooling System
Core Parts & Brand & Lifetime Core Parts: Fiber Laser Source
Brand: IPG, Raycus (optional)
Lifetime: 100, 000 hours
Cooling Mode Water Cooling System
Continuous Working Hours 22 hours
Cutting Software English Version
Graphic Format Supported: AI, DXF, PLT, GBX
Easy Operation
With Powerful Function
3. Feature of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
  1. long lifetime; excellent beam quality; precision and smooth cutting edge.
  2. fast cutting speed. It’s three times quicker than CO2 laser cutting machine.
  3. high conversion rate between laser and electricity. (as high as 30%); low electricity consumption.
  4. low operation costs. It’s flexible transmission. It does not require working gas, which saves operation costs.
  5. high stability and precision
  6. powerful functions. It’s equipped with professional CNC cutting software, which supports AI, DXF, PLT, GBX files. It boasts below functions, including bridge connection, leapfrog, slotting compensation, etc.
  7. High Speed; High Performance; High Efficiency; Low Gas Consumption; Low Electricity Consumption; Low Operation Costs.
4. Main Parts Introduction
Machine Tools
Fiber Laser Source
Cutting Head
Control System
Driving System
Water Cooling System
5. Technical Parameters of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
Machine Name Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
2513-500; 2513-750; 2513-1000; 3015-500; 3015-750; 3015-1000
Fiber Laser Source IPG, Raycus (optional)
Laser Power 500W, 750W, 1000W, 1200W, 1500W, 2000W, 3000W (optional)
Process Area 2500mmx1300mm; 3000mmx1500mm; 4000mmx1500mm; 4000mmx2000mm; 6000mmx1500mm; 6000mmx2000mm
X, Y Positioning Accuracy
X, Y, Z Repetition Positioning Accuracy
X, Y Max. Running Speed
X,Y Max. Linkage Speed
Max. Loading Weight Of Work Table 500KG
Power Supply Three Phases, 380V, 50/60Hz