Project Description

500W 1000W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Cutting Metal Steel Stainless Steel Sheet
Model LCF-1530
Equipment Features
1). Lower operation cost,every hour only consumed 0.5W to 1.5W electricity,cutting all kinds of metal sheet by air.
2).High performance qualified fiber generator,which is high reliability and longevity of service. Max life reach to more than 100000 hours.
3).Higher cutting speed and efficient,Max cutting speed can be reach 10m/min in cutting 1mm mild steel.
4).Free maintenance for fiber laser generator
5).Smooth cutting surface,little deformation,pretty leveling appearance.
6).Import transmission parts and servo motor, high dynamic movement performance, high cutting precision.
7).Dedicated software enables graphic or text into instantly designed pr processed.Flexiable and easy operation.

Item Name Parameter
1 Model: LCF-1530-500W
2 Laser generator: Germany IPG fiber laser
3 Laser power: 500W
4 Laser wavelength: 1070nm
5 Cutting table size: 3000mm*1500mm
6 Alarm positioning: Red light instruction
7 Max positioning speed: 60m/min
8 X/Y axis positioning accuracy: ±0.03mm/m
9 X/Y axis repositioning accuracy: ±0.02mm
10 Support graphic format: DXF,PLT,DWG etc
11 Max cutting thickness: Stainless steel ≤2mm,
                                               Mild steel ≤ 6 mm
12 Total power: ≤10KW
13 Power supply requirement: 3 phase 380V,50Hz,60A
14 Main machine dimension: 5500*3500*1700mm
Fiber laser generator
• Superb quality of laser beam, constant BPP within all the ranges of laser powers,so that long focus can still get pretty small laser spot.
• Special wavelength(1070nm), having special capability of cutting highly-reflective materials,such as aluminium, cooper and brass,etc.
• electro-optical conversion efficiency of laser supply>25%, much more efficient than CO2(<10%), so that consumption of electricity has been depleted very much.
• Laser is transmitted by fiber cables, almost no consumption during transmission.
• Modular design, “using immediately after plugging in”, mini size,easy to be installed, no maintenance of laser supply and transmission system of laser beam.
• Life span of pumping source >100,000 hours
Laser cutting head
1).Cutting system uses high-speed capacitive sensing focusing servo cutting system, rapid response surface uneven situation, and precise control of the laser focus position, ensure the cutting quality.
2). The United States imported lasermech (mini) laser head; coaxialblowing assist gas cutting, cutting to ensure quality;
3). Cutting head with automatic calibration, scale display for easy manual focus, so thatthe user can always adjust and change different materials, different thickness of the plate, which greatly improves the work efficiency
4).With high-precision capacitive sensing automatic tracking system, under the control of the system, it is possible to achieve a very stable Z-axis float function to prevent cuttingsheet metal processing highly error or plateheat stress and deformation caused by uneven
5).Cutting head with flexible design, with fast anti-collision equipmentprotection and flexible automaticreset function automatically stops when a collision occurs unexpectedly cut and flexibledeviation and reset, and automatically returns while continuing to cut to the original cut-off point , so that the whole cutting work is not affected.
Cutting samples

cutting sample