Fiber Laser VS NC Punch>>Fiber laser cutting machine have many advantages
(Compared with NC Punch)

(1) Any complicated structure which can be drawn on the computer also can be manufactured by CNC Fiber laser cutting machine

(2) If product image has been drawn on the computer, the product can be manufactured immediately without opening mould technology. It can be used to develop new products rapidly and reduce cost considerably

(3) Both plan cutting and surface trimming can be finished by automatic tracing system of Fiber laser cutting machine

(4) Laser cutting machine can accomplish the complicated process which is hard to achieve by NC punch

(5) The machine can make high grade production with smooth surface, which is hard to obtained by NC punch

(6) Round pipe & Square pipe cutting can be finished by our Fiber laser cutting machine, which can not be processed by CNC punching machine

(7) Molding body (less than 0.5 meters thick) which need the slot-hole processing can be easily achieved by Fiber laser cutting machine, which can not be finished by CNC punching machine