Wuxi Qingyuan is a professional research and development, production modernization of industrial laser cutting machine manufacturing enterprises, wuxi new district machine photoelectric science and technology industrial park is the first to introduce the high-tech enterprises, the company existing standard workshop of 4000 square meters. After years of precipitation in the laser technology and all kinds of talents, has a professional technical team, experts and professors team.

Company since its inception focus on technology, quality, application and market integration of various resources and guided by the “high efficiency, high performance, high precision of laser cutting machine, widely used in: mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, advertising signs, sheet metal production, precision parts, auto parts, digital products, glasses, crafts gifts, metal products, electronic components, etc.

QY laser focus on large, medium and small wide laser cutting machine. Follow international frontier, and with Germany, United States, Britain and other closely related supplier of world famous laser, laser equipment developed high photoelectric conversion efficiency, good beam quality, stable performance. Technologies are already in the domestic leading position, especially in solid laser cutting machine cutting thickness and cutting speed in Asia’s leading position, equipment exported to Malaysia and other southeast Asian countries and regions.

QY laser around “to sophisticated technology, quality win” business philosophy, constantly improve product quality, deeply the general customers trust and support!

qy laser building pictures